Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm actually pretty satisfied!

No, this is not a sexual post. It's not a blog about where I'm at in my life or anything else serious like that. It's about baseball. More importantly, the Detroit Tigers. If you know me, you know that I'm a lifelong Tigers fan. How did that happen, you ask? Well, I actually grew up less than two hours from Detroit. I used to listen to the Tigers on AM radio when I was a kid. I digress. The Tigers were picked to finish last in the AL Central Division this year (and did finish in last place behind the Indians last season). However, the Tigers actually led the division most of the year. If you followed MLB this season, you know that in the last couple of months, the Tigers suffered a monumental collapse. The surging Minnesota Twins caught and tied them last week forcing a one game tie-breaker last night.

It all came down to last night. Now I have to get up pretty early for work but I decided that since this game was so important, I'd try to stay up for all of it. It started at 5:07, so it shouldn't have been a problem. Or so I thought. Last night was a thrilling, nail-biting, marathon of a game that saw my Tigers come up short, losing 6-5 in 12 innings. Am I sad? Disappointed? Of course, but, like I said, they were picked to finish last. So, overall, I'm actually pretty satisfied.

The worst part is that I won't be getting a Championship T-shirt for my birthday! That's right, my birthday is in a couple of days and all I wanted was an AL Central Champs T! I guess I could still get one, but it would say Minnesota on it.


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