Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another concert adventure with Reevis!

Last week I got to head on down the road with Reevis again. I'm surprised my wife lets me hang with him after last time! Anyway, we went to Pikeville, KY to the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center to see Saving Abel, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold and Buckcherry. The day started rough because we couldn't leave until I finished my eye doctor appointment. Long story short, I got contact lenses for the first time in my life and we got a late start. It's okay, though, because to me, Saving Abel is that kind of band that you skip to drink beer in the lobby! They just don't have that "hurry to your seat, the show is starting" feel, yet!

So Reevis and I get going and he tells me that when we get to Pikeville, I won't believe that the town has an arena (I'd never been there). Boy, was he right! The town just doesn't look like it could support a place like that. But, let me tell you, what a nice place! One of the nicest arenas I've been in.

We arrive at the arena and Papa Roach has already started. We hurried to our seats (skipped beer for now) because Papa Roach has the aforementioned feel! They really do put on one kick-ass show! That was my third time seeing Jacoby and the boys.

Next came Avenged Sevenfold, a band that I really don't know much about. I did see them a couple of summers ago at Ozzfest but I got too drunk and don't remember much of it. Their opening number is something that every hard rock band should take notes on. It's the song "Critical Acclaim" and it begins with a long organ part. Then, like a bullet to the face, the band hits you from out of nowhere. If I remember correctly, I turned to Reevis and said something like, "now that's how you start a show". I've been listening to their album ever since last Tuesday!

Finally, Buckcherry took the stage. It was a pretty good show (it was my first time seeing them). Nothing fancy, just good ol' rock n' roll! However, I did find Josh Todd a bit distracting. There were a few times when you could have asked me which song was playing and I wouldn't have known. I was too busy watching him. He's obviously watched a lot of Scott Weiland, Steven Tyler, Prince and Freddie Mercury tapes! Put that together in your head for a nice mental combination.

All in all, great show, awesome arena and pretty good company! (just kdding, Reevis)

Side note: I swear that I had not read Reevis's blog when I wrote this!