Monday, December 29, 2008

Got an hour? I've got some rock!!

If you've been listening lately, you know that we're getting ready to count down the 98 most requested songs of 2008. Let me just say that since I'm a huge GNR fan, there are only two songs that came out this year that I care about, "Chinese Democracy" and "Better". While there were several cool rock songs that came out in 2008, everything else can just wait! I'll be ready for other music long about March, when the newness of "Chinese Democracy" wears off.

If you've been listening, you also know that I bought an ipod with some Christmas money. Best investment, ever! Now, calm down, I still support the music industry. I continue to buy CD's and have a very extensive collection (nearly 1,000). Recently I've been adding all of my favorite albums to my ipod and I've noticed something interesting. By the way, this is the best reason to own an ipod or similar device, all of your favorite music in one place! Anyway, I've noticed that all of my favorite rock albums are less than one hour long! Now, I've got some younger siblings. While I was visiting them over Christmas, I can't tell you how many times I heart this: "Mom, I'm bored", or "There's nothing to do!".

What I'd like to say to them and to other young folks out there, and I'm sure that our old school listeners will agree with me, is that if you've got an hour, I've got some rock!

I can remember being a young kid, locked in my room, with my new album, for hours on end. I would listen to it, front-to-back, until I wore it out. Now, I'm talking tapes, I'm not old enough to have enjoyed the vinyl days! But still! How can you be bored when it takes less than an hour to listen to some of the greatest albums of all time?

So, if you're a kid and you're bored, go ask your parents if you can borrow one of THEIR favorite albums. If you're a parent and your kid is bored, lend them your Floyd or Zeppelin albums, they'll thank you for it later in life. By the way, my younger sister got the new Miley Cyrus album for Christmas, and it's over an hour long! See, the BEST ALBUMS are under an hour! Happy Holidays!!