Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I hate Fantasy Football!

Okay, for this week's post, I thought I'd highlight my stellar fantasy football career. This is funny only because fantasy football may be the only thing in life that I'm absolutely horrible at. Yeah, I'm being cocky, but I've saved up my trash-talking because I can't use it in my league!

Let me explain to you how bad I am at this fantasy crap. The first year that I played, I led the league all season long. I thought to myself: "wow, this is fun, I'm going to win this money!". Then , in the first round of the playoffs, I lost because all of my players were members of playoff contender teams and their coaches sat them on the bench to "save" them! I played the next year, thinking that that could never happen again. Boy, was I wrong! The very next season, I was in 2nd and 3rd place all season and once again lost in the first round of the playoffs. Since then, I have finished in last place or next to last place every year! It doesn't matter if I do a live draft or auto-pick. Right now, if you don't play fantasy, I've lost you. That's okay.

Last year, I played in an NFL pick 'em league. I finished in last place! And, no offense, ladies but there were three girls in that league. You'd think I never watched football, AND I DO! This year, I'm playing in a survival league. If you're familiar, you pick the winner of one game each week and when you're wrong, you get a "strike". When you get two strikes, you're out. The last man standing wins the money. Well, I've already gotten a strike because I refuse to be like the rest of the league and just pick whoever the Lions are playing. Lesson learned. And, for you Herd fans, I needed Chad Pennington to score 90 points on Monday night in order to win this week's matchup. He scored six. Lesson learned, trade CP. I suck at fantasy football! This is my last year! And that's what I've said the last three years!


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