Monday, February 2, 2009

The Planet's 3rd annual Super Bash!!

Hello all,

A big "thanks" goes out to the staff at the Endzone in Ironton! As you may or may not know, that was the site for the Planet's 3rd annual Super Bash on Super Sunday. We had a blast! From the food, to the drink specials, to the prizes, everything was kick-ass! The gang at the Endzone even accommodated us when we wanted to play some pick-up two-hand touch football in the parking lot. It was right out of "Wayne's World", complete with "Car!" and "Game On!" when someone was trying to park! Jeremy, the eventual MVP of what we named the "Planet Bowl", even gave up his body to go all out, diving on the pavement to make a catch! It was great! Hopefully, Reevis will have the video on very soon.

A big "thanks" also goes out to all of the Planet listeners who attended as well! Because, it was a good time, but if it was just Reevis and I staring at each other all night long, that's not really a party! You guys made the Super Bash what it was, one helluva party! We'll see you next year and GO BROWNS!!

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